Shared Ownership – a guide to buying your own home

Shared Ownership makes home ownership more affordable.

With Shared Ownership, sometimes referred to as part-buy/part-rent, you initially purchase a share of your home, which is usually between 25% and 75% of the property’s value. You will then pay rent on the remaining share.

Although you’ll still need to have saved a deposit, it will be smaller than would normally be required in the open market if you were buying outright.

You may decide to buy further shares in your home in stages, which is called staircasing. At Duchy Field, buyers can staircase to a maximum 80% share in their home. This is to ensure that these homes always remain affordable for local people in the future.

Am I eligible?

Priority will be given to buyers who can demonstrate the following:

  • Living in the village of Bletchingdon for at least the previous five years
  • Having at least 10 years previous residence in Bletchingdon if not currently residing there
  • Applicants over 60 or with a disability, who need to move to Bletchingdon to receive support on special medical grounds from relatives or friends currently living there
  • Having close relatives living in Bletchingdon for a period of at least five years. Close relatives are defined as parents, children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren (including step-relatives)


The first step is to register with the Help to Buy agent at to ensure you are eligible for the scheme.

Once you have been approved, please get in touch with our team who can guide you through the financial qualification process and what to do next.